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"Mrs. Mojo" (Susan Bradbury), who has been helping out for years, took a larger role in the newly formed company structure in 2008. Expect the same great service and craftmanship you have become used to.

Mojo's Bio:

Hi, I'm Keith Bradbury a.k.a. MojoBari on the web, but you can call me Mojo. If you have hung out at all at the various sax forums you probably have run into my posts or what others post about my work. Let me tell you about my background and how I got into mouthpiece refacing and hand finishing work.

First, like many of you, I began playing sax as a kid in the public school system. Taught myself flute and clarinet in high school. Had to relearn a lot of stuff properly later, but its been a great ride. Played in college band at Rutgers where I got a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1979. Went to work in industry as a process engineer and got a MSME degree from Drexel in 1984. I spent over 28 years working in industry. Musically, I've played a lot of local gigs in southern NJ. Mostly Big Band, Pit Orchestras, Community Bands, Church, some weddings and Atlantic City work.

After discovering the web, I soon developed an interest in mouthpiece refacing and hand finishing work. I had a few pieces done for me and I thought, "I can learn this". Initially I was going to put it off until retirement from my day job as an Engineer. But I pushed up the schedule when I started having muscle problems and an early diagnosis indicated that I would loose a lot of hand control. Fortunately the outlook for my hands looks fine now.

I grabbed every resource I could find that had mouthpiece refacing information. Unfortunately, this was a very small amount of information. I decided to apply a basic engineering approach to the problem and I started to make some excellent progress in improving mouthpieces. This approach allowed me to take a fresh look at the challenge and develop some new techniques. But I had some help along the way too. Some established refacers were willing to share some information with me via Emails and forum postings. To give back, I started the Mouthpiece Work group on Yahoo. Now it is much easier to get information on how to get started with refacing.

Now we come to skill. I have always been good with my hands doing craft projects and I am also a decent handyman. Combine this with my music and engineering background and you have a winning combination for success at refacing. I have worked on over 1000 mouthpieces so far and the list is still growing. It is difficult to please everyone, but I try real hard to do that. I would say my success rate is only a few percentage points off of 100%.

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